06 December 2020 - Populárne

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Naši ľudia v médiách

03 June 2020 - Unconference

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IQUAS: Informal quantum symposium 2020

August 24-28, 2020; Smolenice castle

Conceptually, IQUAS stands somewhere between workshops and unconferences, thus, its goal is not only to present new results, but also to discuss research problems in the areas of interests of participants. Except of either presenting their recent results (as short talks and posters), or give a tutorial on recent scientific topics, participants are expected to actively discuss their current research interests with other participants. The number of participants is limited. For more information see the event webpage https://qute.sk/iquas2020.html.

01 May 2020 - Competition

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European Quantum Future Academy 2020

Open physics competition for Slovak university bachelor and master students in quantum physics. The winners will be offered a summer internship and a participation at the final conference in Berlin. The participation is going to be covered from the resources of the QUTE.sk consortium and main organizer in Germany.

More information available on the dedicated website http://qute.sk/eqfa2020/.

01 February 2020 - Workshop

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CEQIP 2020

Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 situation, we decided the 2020 workshop is CANCELED. Looking forward to seeing you next year. We will superpose 2020 with 2021 together.

CEQIP website: http://ceqip.eu/2020/

01 January 2020 - Konferencia

Trojkráľová konferencia

Každoročné jednodňové stretnutie českých a slovenských fyzikov.

Kedy: 10.1.2020
Kde: in QUTE Auditorium (RCQI, IP SAS) in Bratislava.

image alt > Program konferencie:
08:55 Čas na otvorenie
09:00 Ondřej Pejcha Explosions in the Universe and the Origin of Chemical Elements
09:40 Martin Žonda Characterization of superconducting quantum dots made easy
10:05 Jakub Kvapil Heavy flavour production at LHC
10:30 Čas na občerstvenie
11:00 Lukáš Slodička Coherent control of nonclassical light emission from trapped ions
11:40 Tomáš Samuely Black diamond – superconducting and ferromagnetic
12:05 Vladimír Tkáč Transport properties of topological insulators
12:30 Čas na obed
14:00 Martin Krššák Going beyond general relativity: challenges in gravity theory
14:40 Boris Tomášik: Fázový diagram QCD a fluktuácie počtu protónov
15:05 Zuzana Moravcová Kolektivita (nielen) v jadro-jadrových zrážkach
15:30 Martin Venhart Triaxiálne atómové jadrá
16:00 Čas na občerstvenie
16:30 Pavol Siman Zem - naša planéta
17:00 Existenciálna kríza planéty panelová diskusia, moderuje Vladimír Bužek

More information and registration form are available on the meeting website http://quantum.physics.sk/conf/3kk2020.