eduQUTE (Školiace stredisko pre kvantové techológie)

04 October 2022 - Event

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Nobel Prize for entanglement

We are happy to spread the news that this year Nobel Prize was awarded to our distinguished colleagues Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for their experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science. As said on the NobelPrize website “their results have cleared the way for new technology based upon quantum information” and we know what they are talking about.

26 September 2022 - Event

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Miniworkshop on superconductivity

when? Oct 03-05, 2022
where? Institute of Physics SAS, Bratislava, Slovakia (Auditorium QUTE)
program: pdf
organizers: Denis Kochan, Maria Surovcova, Angelika Winczerova, Mario Ziman
supported by project SUPERSPIN (IMPULZ)

05 June 2022 - Summer school

Quapital summer school 2022

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When? September 04 - 08, 2022
Where? Smolenice Castle, Slovakia |

More information, including schedule, here:

17 February 2022 - Popular

Our presence in media

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27 January 2021 - Conference

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Three kings conference

Annual one day meeting of Czech and Slovak physicists will be held on January 27th online.
More information and registration form are available on the meeting website

06 December 2020 - Popular

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Our people in media

03 June 2020 - Unconference

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IQUAS: Informal quantum symposium 2020

August 24-28, 2020; Smolenice castle

Conceptually, IQUAS stands somewhere between workshops and unconferences, thus, its goal is not only to present new results, but also to discuss research problems in the areas of interests of participants. Except of either presenting their recent results (as short talks and posters), or give a tutorial on recent scientific topics, participants are expected to actively discuss their current research interests with other participants. The number of participants is limited. For more information see the event webpage

01 May 2020 - Competition

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European Quantum Future Academy 2020

Open physics competition for Slovak university bachelor and master students in quantum physics. The winners will be offered a summer internship and a participation at the final conference in Berlin. The participation is going to be covered from the resources of the consortium and main organizer in Germany.

More information available on the dedicated website

01 February 2020 - Workshop

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CEQIP 2020

Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 situation, we decided the 2020 workshop is CANCELED. Looking forward to seeing you next year. We will superpose 2020 with 2021 together.

CEQIP website:

01 January 2020 - Konferencia

Trojkráľová konferencia

Každoročné jednodňové stretnutie českých a slovenských fyzikov.

Kedy: 10.1.2020
Kde: in QUTE Auditorium (RCQI, IP SAS) in Bratislava.

image alt > Program konferencie:
08:55 Čas na otvorenie
09:00 Ondřej Pejcha Explosions in the Universe and the Origin of Chemical Elements
09:40 Martin Žonda Characterization of superconducting quantum dots made easy
10:05 Jakub Kvapil Heavy flavour production at LHC
10:30 Čas na občerstvenie
11:00 Lukáš Slodička Coherent control of nonclassical light emission from trapped ions
11:40 Tomáš Samuely Black diamond – superconducting and ferromagnetic
12:05 Vladimír Tkáč Transport properties of topological insulators
12:30 Čas na obed
14:00 Martin Krššák Going beyond general relativity: challenges in gravity theory
14:40 Boris Tomášik: Fázový diagram QCD a fluktuácie počtu protónov
15:05 Zuzana Moravcová Kolektivita (nielen) v jadro-jadrových zrážkach
15:30 Martin Venhart Triaxiálne atómové jadrá
16:00 Čas na občerstvenie
16:30 Pavol Siman Zem - naša planéta
17:00 Existenciálna kríza planéty panelová diskusia, moderuje Vladimír Bužek

More information and registration form are available on the meeting website

23 November 2019 - Popular

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Kvantová záhada

Martin Plávala z Matematického ústavu SAV v Magazíne o vede a technike Quark porozprával o pálčivej otázke v kvantovej teórii; o tom, že kvantová teória je vlastne záhada.

Článok je dostupný tu:

30 September 2019 - School

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Quapital summer school 2019

Summer school for students from the QUAPITAL consortium, but open for all participants, is scheduled for 30/09/2019 - 06/09/2019 and organized at the Research Center for Quantum Information in Bratislava. More details and registration form are available on the school website

03 June 2019 - Workshop

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CEQIP 2019

We are happy to announce that RCQI (FU SAV, Bratislava) is organizing 16th edition of traditional CEQIP workshops. This year it will be held in “kings’ town” Skalica (Slovakia, 60km north of Bratislava). Deadline for absract submission is 15/03/2018 and the submission/registration will be open at the beginning of February. Looking forward to meet you there!

CEQIP website:

30 January 2019 - Popular

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What neither future computers can do?

Our colleague Daniel Nagaj is giving a SAVinci popular-science talk [in Slovak] on quantum computers. It is part of a series of science-coffee events organized by Slovak Academy of Sciences. … read more …

Place: Westend Gate Lobby, Dúbravská cesta, Bratislava - Patrónka
Time: Wednesday 30/01/2019, 17:30

27 November 2018 - Popularisation

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Focused on atom

Popular science talk [in Slovak] of Martin Gmitra (University P.J.Šafárika, Košice) for high school students at Gymnázium P. J. Šafárika in Rožňava.
Place: Gymnázium P. J. Šafárika, Rožňava, Slovakia
Time: 27/11/2018, 8:30

22 November 2018 - Workshop

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Gravity in Qubits

Participants of QSS consortium will meet in November, 21-24 in Slovakia (Bratislava and Smolenice) for an exceptional colloquium, to discuss opportunities for the cross fertilization of Quantum Computing and Quantum Gravity. Particular emphasis will be given to opportunities for near future experiments to probe quantum gravitational effects and theoretical implications.

07 November 2018 - Popularisation

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Slovakia Science and Technology Week

During the week (5-9/11/2018), the research institutions are organizing various public events and popularisation-oriented activities. Here are our activities:

  • Institute of Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences (Dúbravská cesta 9, Bratislava)
    07/11 Open Doors Day
    - 11:00 Daniel Reitzner - On quantum technologies [popular science talk in Slovak]
    - 9:00-16:00 Laboratory of quantum measurements (refrigerator, superconducting magnets and qubits)
    - 9:00-16:00 Meet and ask researchers (seminar room, Research Center for Quantum Information)
  • Mathematical Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences (Štefánikova 49, Bratislava)
    07/11 Open Doors Day
    - 9:00 Martin Plávala - On impossibility of doing two things jointly and how this is interesting for physicists and computer scientists [popular science talk in Slovak]

20 October 2018 - Popularisation

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The importance of (quantum) puzzles

A popular-science talk at Dell 3i conference in Bratislava given by Daniel Nagaj from Research Center for Quantum Information of Institute of Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences.
Place: Bratislava, Slovakia Time: 20/10/201

05 October 2018 - Popularisation

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Statistics in biology

Popular-science lecture (in Slovak) of Andrej Gendiar on the necessity of scientific method and statistical analysis in the work of Gregor Mendel - “father” of modern genetics.
Place: Mendel Museum, Brno, Czech Republic Time: 05/10/2018

28 September 2018 - Popularisation

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European Researcher’s Night 2018

Our activities under the umbrella of this action:

Čo dokážu kvantové počítače? / What can the quantum computers do? [in Slovak]

  • popular talk by Gabriel Semanišin (UPJŠ, Košice)
  • Place: Atrium Optima, Košice

Kvantová informácia a jej možnosti využitia v praxi / Quantum information for practical applications [in Slovak]

  • popular talk by Daniel Reitzner (FÚ SAV, Bratislava)
  • Place: 20:00,, Námestie SNP 25, Bratislava

Quantum technologies for everyone

  • exhibition by RCQI, FU SAV
  • Place: 9:00-22:00, Stará tržnica, Bratislava

D€$ifRu7 [in Slovak, started in July]

11 July 2018 - Popularisation

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A simple demonstration of incompatibility of measurements

This is a Leap — a popular science article on quantum research written by scientists and reviewed by teenagers — published in Quantum Views. Our colleague Martin Plávala, PhD student of Mathematical Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences, has won in this international competition.

Abstract: The incompatibility of measurements is a strange feature of Quantum theory that forbids us from performing two measurements at the same time. Usually presented in the form of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, it is one of the more inexplicable and counterintuitive features of quantum theory. In this following article I will show you a simple model that demonstrates the incompatibility of measurements. The model that will be presented in this paper will be as simple as possible. Although it is as realistic as I was able to make it, it is still just a model and we will have to take its rules as strictly given.

Author: Martin Plávala
Ref: Quantum Views 2, 8 (2018)

A version of the paper in Slovak is available as blog Dennik N: Demonštrácia nekompatibility meraní v kvantovej mechanike and a related short interview (in Slovak) with the author is available on the website of Slovak Academy of Sciences:

Viete vysvetliť kvantový výskum teenagerovi? Takto sa začína výzva vedeckého časopisu Quantum. Zaujala aj mladého slovenského doktoranda z Matematického ústavu SAV Martina Plávalu. Počas svojho výskumného pobytu vo Fínsku sa zapojil do projektu, ktorý urobil z austrálskych stredoškolákov odborných hodnotiteľov vedeckých článkov. Pri posudzovaní článkov žiaci simulovali tzv. peer-review, čo je štandardná forma hodnotenia článkov vo vedeckých časopisoch. Podmienkou však bolo, aby bol článok napísaný zrozumiteľne. Vo veľkej konkurencií vybrali školáci aj Martinov text.

13 June 2018 - Workshop

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CEQIP 2018

15th edition of the traditional workshop focused on current trends in theoretical quantum information sciences. Deadline for paper submission is April 3rd. The meeting will take place in the charming Smolenice castle, 13-16 June. More information is available at CEQIP website.

23 April 2018 - Popular [in Slovak]

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Nanoscience in quantum physics land / Nanoveda v ríši kvantovej fyziky

A popular-science talk given by Tomáš Samuely from Center of low temeprature physics (Košice) for high school students of Technical Academy in Spišská Nová Ves. In this talk he explains the story of atoms and particles, development of quantum physics, and also current research questions and challenges in manipulation with individual quantum systems.

Place: Technical academy, Hviezdoslavova 6, Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia
Time: 23/04/2018, 11.20

22 March 2018 - Workshop

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MACROQUAS 2018 - Optomechanical route to macroscopic superpositions

The aim of this workshop is to pin-point the suitability of levitated optomechanics as a test-bed for the investigation of the validity of quantum theory at the mesoscopic and macroscopic scale; identify the fundamental challenges of such tests and the it will address opportunities offered by a space-based configuration; compare the capabilities of levitated optomechanics to those of other platforms such as magneto-levitated one for the identification of the best-suited experimental platform. Continue on MACROQUAS 2018 webpage.

When: 22-23/03/2018
Place: Pavilón kvantových technológií, Dúbravská cesta 9, Bratislava - Patrónka [map]

27 February 2018 - Seminar

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Optimal Port-based Teleportation in Arbitrary Dimension

Quantum teleportation is one of the earliest and most widely used primitives in Quantum Information Science which performs an arbitrary quantum state transfer between two spatially separated systems. It involves pre-sharing an entangled resource state and consists of three simple stages. The first stage involves a joint measurement of the teleported subsystem together with the share of the resource state on the sender’s side. In the second step, a classical measurement outcome is communicated to the receiver. The last step consists of applying a requisite correction operation which recovers the transmitted quantum state. Port-based teleportation (PBT) is a unique set of teleportation protocols in that they do not require unitary correction. We study PBT protocols and fully characterize their performance for arbitrary dimensions and number of ports. We find the optimal probability of success and the fidelity of teleportation for all probabilistic and deterministic PBT schemes. In the latter case, surprisingly, the answer depends only on the largest eigenvalue of a certain easy to construct a matrix which encodes the relationship between a set of Young diagrams and emerges as the optimal solution to the relevant semidefinite program. To derive our results, we develop new mathematical tools to study the symmetries of the operators that arise in PBT protocols and belong to the algebra of partially transposed permutation operators. These tools can be used to characterize quantum systems with partial symmetries. Quantum states occurring in the PBT protocol are one such example. Systems with partial symmetries are widespread but in contrast to their permutational-invariant counterparts very little is known about how to efficiently estimate their properties.

Speaker: Sergii Strelchuk (Cambridge)
Time: 27/02/2018, 11:00
Place: QUTE building, Dúbravská cesta 9, Bratislava - Patrónka

19 February 2018 - School

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1st eduQUTE school on quantum technologies

This pilot school is organized as part of the preparation of a Slovak research initiative in quantum technologies. Its main goal is to introduce the elementary physical principles of quantum technologies developing by researchers in Slovakia. It is open for any student or researcher. The subjects will be presented at master level. [ download leaflet ]

Date: 19-22/02/2018
Place: Pavilón kvantových technológií, Dúbravská cesta 9, Bratislava - Patrónka [map]
Program: ./1st_eduqute_school.html